10 stregies how to read book fast

September 28, 2021


Do you panic when you have to read several passages? Do you just want to read faster, whether for personal or professional reasons?
So how can you read faster? Here are 10 empirical ways that I have found useful to increase reading speed.

1. Mental thoughts:

Inner thoughts, also called sub-vocalization, are a particularly common trait among readers. It is a process of saying the words in your head as you read, and it is the most important obstacle that prevents you from having the ability to increase your reading speed.

Do you remember the instruction "Read in your head while I read the passage aloud" that was given quite often in class?Your brain is still processing knowledge.
For example, once you see a "STOP" sign, does it really stop and say the word in your head? Is not it. you just need to check it and process it automatically. this is often what you want to do after you have read paper material, such as books or paperwork.

If you have difficulty, try playing with music on headphones or chewing gum. A distraction will keep your brain less focused on sub-vocalization, even if you continue to control and process the words.

2. NO Word-Chunking 


It is very close to the idea of ​​eliminating the inner monologue. It is often the act of reading several words directly and is the key to reading faster. All of these reading tips come together, but word-chunking is perhaps the most important active tool to use once you're working on increasing your reading speed.
A person can assimilate several words at once, even though we are trained - as mentioned in the inner monologue - to read each word at a time and not miss any article. Using the view is one way to make this step easier, but we'll get to that in the next section.  For now, specialize in trying to read three words at a glance.Continue down the page like this, listening to the fastest proportion with which you fill the entire page with text. you are still ready to process and understand what you read, but you spend a lot less time doing it.


Concentrate on reading the text of each section together. Put the words together and go through them at a glance like you would a road sign. Continue like this across the entire page, moving the sheet accordingly. you will notice that your speed was faster than before.

3. Don't reread the words on page 


Before you get to the visual part - this is the important kicker - you start to want to make sure you break the habit of rereading the words on the page.
If you look at the eyes of a typical person as they read, you will notice that they jump and fidget. they don't just come and go smoothly, as they should. this is often because the typical person - you do too - tends to back down on words they already need to read. this is often something that prevents you from having the ability to expand your reading speed.
Presumably you do it without even realizing that you are just doing it, which makes it a little hard habit to break. the easiest way, even if you feel a little childish, is to use your finger.


4.Use vision



Congratulations! You have come to the crux of the matter that basically ties everything together. While this might not be the last step, it is certainly crucial.
Use the above techniques to look at and understand several words at a time.
Rather than breaking it down into small groups of words, try reading one line at a time. It involves looking at the center of the street and using the sight to read the rest.Scan the page like this and once you get to the bottom you'll find that you still understand what you read, but you probably did it in record time.

5.Use a timer 


Speaking of “recording time,” you now have the ability to control yourself and work to increase your playback speed every time you read. Set a timer for one minute, reading normally as time decreases. When the timer opens, write down the percentage of pages you've read.
Many website will help you calculate the percentage of words you have read. Now combine everything you have learned and repeat the test. also write down this number.
Continue like this, continuing to beat the previous count each time.Set a daily or weekly goal and treat yourself once you hit it. Keep up with this little game and you'll be ready to speed up your reading speed in no time!


6. Set a target


Holding yourself accountable will ensure that you keep reading and testing the stopwatch. Give yourself a target of a particular number of pages to read each day / week / etc. Once achieved, give yourself an incentive that has never hurt anyone!

7. Read more 


The old adage, "Practice makes perfect," is really damn accurate. Any professional, artist, musician, etc. regularly practice their work.
A reader should do an equivalent thing. The more you read, the better off you will be. The more you are able to read, the more you will increase your reading speed.

8. Use a marker 


Do you find your eyesight slips and scrolls across the page as you read? It is not a brake. Just put a card under each row and swipe it down as you read. this can ensure that you are busy reading one line at a time, instead of looking in your eyes and not catching anything.

9. Work on improving your vocabulary 



Think about it: you read together, then you come across a word I don't know. do we skip it? are you trying to understand it from the context? do you stop to see it? Whatever you do, you slow down time considerably, otherwise you suddenly stop to travel and bring up the word delay.
If you are busy improving your vocabulary, you will know more words.The more you increase your repertoire of words, the faster you read. The faster you read, the more you will read. it will be obvious, but it is important.

10. Skim the most points 


Finally, when you are in a real time crisis and want to ask for something to read for yesterday, take a deep breath and sit down. Open the book and take the time to read all of the more important points. Read The Summary. Read the subtitles. Read the captions below the diagrams. Have a general sin about the chapter / section / etc.
Then read the main paragraph of each main section. Read the latest. Read the center.Think about it in your head and put it together.

Then start reading everything else using the techniques we just talked about. You will keep your information better, also because your reading will be faster. 

In conclusion, the next time you want to read something quickly, just say to yourself, “Shut up and look at the page! "


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