How to read a book effectively

August 07, 2021

Effective reading means that the most content of the book is retained by the brain and which can be reproduced whenever required. If it is sustained and it can be recovered, the purpose of reading a book is largely fulfilled.
The goal with which we go through the book is to know the diverse perspective. It not only opens a new dimension but also expands our cognitive process.  A few steps would certainly contribute in improving effectiveness of book reading -


 1. Have a Purpose 



Often I'd read a book for the sake of becoming more intelligent, but in retrospect, that was an illusion. I've read the book Three Mistakes of my life. But if you ask me, just one big thing I've learned from the book, I probably couldn't tell you that's because I read it with no real purpose. For this reason, I've put more effort into reading purposefully.I just finished reading One Sentence Persuasion, an outstanding book on psychology. The subject is directly relevant to my life right now because I'm in corporate sector.

2. Major Arguments and Evidence Matter More Than Details



Some years back, I was reading Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. It talks about how the stock market is behaving with respect to inflation( claimed to be 80% ahead of inflation). Graham said the best defense against inflation is in real estate and treasury bonds. Coming to the history of the stock market, it gave the answer to why people fail here. He said, people predict the future by analyzing the past, which acts as a mirage.

The book is full of data and trend analysis. But the thing to focus are the psychology and arguments.



3.  Use Multiple Modes 


Writing, talking, and visualizing allow you to consider what you read. This is why those e book summaries are so effective. You now no longer simplest get phrases on a screen, however, you listen to what the ebook is approximate, with illustrations included. As a learner, I get the extra gain of content when I am performing monotonous work and listening audio books.

 4. Take Time to Process 


This offers your thoughts time to save it in memory. I bear in mind analyzing 5 books within side the first week of January. I forgot quite a few of what I examine due to the fact I did not take breaks, so do not make that mistake. It's a whole lot greater powerful to take time to sincerely observe the classes right now after in preference to overload your mind with greater information.


 5. Focus on High Value Content 


This is the approach Tai Lopez's users. For the ones of you who do not know, he runs the biggest e book membership within side the international and drives this little Lamborghini with inside the Hollywood Hills. High cost content material are factors of a book that you may extract the maximum data from with the least quantity of effort. The name blurb, desk of contents, illustrations, and ambitious headings are all factors that provide you with the vital stuff. Keep in thoughts that authors frequently should fill the book with greater data than necessary, so loads of the content material with inside the books are sponsored with greater examples than needed.In my unpopular opinion. 

The 80-20 Principle is a classic example of this. I didn't need to read 400 pages of to know that 80 percent of effects happens due to 20 percent of cause.


6.  Read More Than Once 


 Read more than once. This is self-explanatory. The more you read, the extra you will remember. Personally, I might handiest reread books that in reality impacted your life. Don't waste time rereading dull books. An example of this will be Art of War.  Everytime I read, I discover something new and wonder how I missed.

7. Know The Author


Now the writer recognizes that authors and publishers may be pushed with the aid of using incentives that make their paintings biased. Oftentimes, ghostwriters are employed who do studies and write approximately a topic however haven't any actual enjoyment to lower back it. With no disrespect to publishers, you could get ghostwriters to put in writing top-notch books. I'm simply cautioning readers to do studies approximately the writer lesson.  

For instance, author of Mitrokhen Archives is Vasili Mitrokhin. He was an archival officer in KGB (intelligence agency of Russia). For 20 years he secretly transferred the documents from office to his residence. With the fall of USSR he moved to Britain and shared these documents with MI6 (British secret service). Now that is interesting enough to read.


8. Understand The Context 


With no disrespect to publishers, you may get ghostwriters to write down wonderful books. I'm simply cautioning readers to do studies approximately the writer lesson. I apprehend the context.Understand why a book came into existence.

One of my great read is The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.
picked this book not to know the diversity of flora & fauna but as a tool to understand Nature's way of Management. During my read, I didn't pay attention to technical terms. I was interested in understanding what triggers adaptivity in changing the environment. If you consider "Nature as Enterprise", & all the organisms as its products, then the life forms we observe, with common ancestors, are its product portfolio. So in order to tweak products according to changing market scenario will govern its life.


9. Question What You Read  


When I first began out studying books, I could hardly ever query anything. The reality is, all thoughts and books come from human beings such as you and me. They are situation to mistakes, errors, and human biases. 

One of the recent scenarios I can quote is The Psychology of Money.

Majority of my reads are non fiction. When i pick up a non-fiction, i expect profoundness, depth,extensive research and multiple perspectives. Psychology of Money lacks everything. It has unstructured content, full of references and the learning is almost negligible. And certainly, what is discussed in the book is not "Psychology". It is more like a secondary knowledge derived from other books.


Check out what actual readers had to mention approximately the book. I propose analyzing the maximum credible books in a selected category. So for example, I'd propose Rich dad, terrible dad, and assume and develop wealthy in case you need to end up wealthy. These are undying classics and properly really well worth being. Read the front to back. Even in case you've watched a summary, you will be spending extra time in granting instructions into your head. And there can be a few elements that resonate with you extra than what you noticed within side the summary.




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