Book Review: Losing My Virginity

August 15, 2021





GENRE Autobiography

AUTHOR Richard Branson




"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later."

In the event, you don't have the foggiest idea who Richard Branson is, this is the person who established Virgin Airways, Virgin Records, and the entire bundle of other Virgin stuff.  Do you get what I'm saying? Losing My Virginity is a self-portrayal autobiography.

Also, what I love about this book, I mean, it's the number of pages. It is very nearly 600. However, it seems too short as his biography is unimaginable. That is to say, from the time of at 14, he begins his own paper. As a matter of first importance, let me say this,  that is what I truly loved about the book.




Richard Branson did it all with pure love for his work. It was, as, out of his enthusiasm such as, he began a paper when he felt papers that were out for college kids were extremely unpleasant. Furthermore, he really called each day and got promotions for the paper to keep it rolling for a couple of years. This all happened when he was 14.


Similar to, at 18,  he perceived that there was a requirement for the hotline for individuals who have inquiries concerning pregnancy, STDs any medical problems. Also, there was a spot for youngsters to go to or to call in the event that they had any health or sex-related issues.




One thing about Richard Branson- he's a Maverick. He gets things done, irrespective of the reason. He's not tied in with doing things the manner in which they've been finished. His saying has consistently been to do whatever is fun and made whatever gives him strength. So a great deal of you out there working for cash is not the best approach.

Richard Branson, similar to, we contemplate these tycoons and we go all.  Yet, in any event, when the organizations were effective, it was still extremely unpleasant as far as they could lose it at any second. Why? Since he continued utilizing. What's more, when you're attempting to develop and extend, you can't get frightened. You can't keep down. At the point when circumstances become difficult, you need to put stock later on the vision that you're attempting to make and watch out for a higher perspective.

There was a time when Richard Branson was managing Virgin Records and had to gamble on aviation. Virgin Records were running in
extremely unpleasant as they could lose it at any second. Richard said :
"At the point when circumstances become difficult, you need to put stock later on the vision that you're attempting to make and watch out for a higher perspective."Thus, one organization went down . Furthermore, it was between Virgin Records and Virgin Airways. He needed to pick one. Thus he lost Virgin Records with the goal to keep Virgin Airways.

If he had Virgin Records, he would have lost Virgin Airways. So my point is that in the event that you have normal everyday employment, have a side hustle, have two to three side hustles or things that you're attempting to do.


He through a spouse or two cheated. You did some insane stuff. Yet, by the day's end, when we talk about business, this is the manual about it. It was truly about taking risks. He was raised like that. As a child, his mother used to send them off into the woods, dropped him in the middle of nowhere to find the way. This is insane, I know. However, that is the thing that she did. 

Furthermore, that is the sort of thing that develops self-governance in a personality.  Like today, we cannot send children to an extreme. But  I do love that idea.



Richard Branson truly didn't have the foggiest idea about the measure of work it would take to begin an aircraft, to begin a record organization, to begin the hotline. As a matter of fact, he is Dyslexic.

 Yet, it was on the grounds that it was out of general enthusiasm. He imagined that this would be fun, that he did it. Moreover, had he realized how much work would have taken, he would have never have done it. He did it just to make his organization better. He is insane. Like, he nearly lost his life in Atlantic Balloon Challenge just to promote Virgin Airways.









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