Book review : MITROKEHN ARCHIVES Vol 2, KGB & World

May 04, 2021


                      BOOK THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD !!




GENRE   Non Fiction, Strategy,Story


AUTHOR Vasili Mitrokhen, Christopher Andrew


PAGES   690






Vasili Mitrokhin was an archival officer in KGB (intelligence agency of Russia). For 20 years he secretly transferred the documents from office to his residence. With the fall of USSR he moved to Britain and shared these documents with MI6 (British secret service). In 1999 MI6 published these documents worldwide in the form of two books Sword and Shield and Mitrokhin Archives. Vasili Mitrokhin passed on in 2004, soon after the distribution of the primary volume of The Mitrokhin Archive, the work that he and student of history Christopher Andrew. Andrew finished this second volume all alone, working with Mitrokhin's unique notes. 



You must be knowing about world war. When it started, ended, who participated, who lost or won. We know about the institutions that were formed after world war. The new world order where we live today.But what we don't know is is the history of cold war. We know that the biggest power USA and USSR were driving forces. It started in 1960 and ended with the disintegration of USSR. So, what happened between 1960 to 1991?



The first volume of The Mitrokhin Archive managed KGB action in the West, for the most part in Europe and the United States. The Mitrokhin Archive II spotlights on the remainder of the world, most explicitly on the 'Third World' countries that the Soviet Union viewed as likely areas where to assemble communist or socialist states.

Mitrokhin archives was never a bestseller but it shocked the world. Cold war wasn't the fight for military supremacy but this was a technology and ideological warfare. The book is separated into areas on Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, with parts zeroing in on either a particular country or time span for the KGB's exercises.

USSR was a socialist society and USA believed in capitalism. The  cold war saw the involvement of third world Nations. Both the superpower tried to superimpose their ideology on  the world. 

Mitrokhin archives volume2 is the story of of USSR practices in same direction.

You must have heard the famous activists like Fidel Castro and other activists in Latin America and cuba.Here you will get to know the background story. The dirty politics, the financial support, spying, manipulation. If you are are a part of  these third world nation that has an influence of socialist ideology then your believes may get real bad hit.

I am from India. The book separately talks about my country in          chapter 12th and 13th. It was not good, really disturbing. The names like K.K Menon, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sanjay Gandhi and many more. Our post-independence history has been manipulated.


Soviet surveillance in China after the Sino-Soviet split was made everything except outlandish by the way that the Chinese mystery police knew every one of the personalities of the KGB's representatives in the PRC and continued to slaughter them all off - an exercise on why it's not in every case great to impart everything to your partner

 - Attempts to keep an eye on China via Japan ran into issues when the Japanese Communist Party decided to align itself philosophically with Beijing

- The KGB was really engaged with beginning and spreading the metropolitan legend about Latin American kids being grabbed and murdered to give gave organs to rich Americans.


What I liked about the Mitrokhen Archives and why you should read

I am no one to tell what is right and what is wrong. You will find infinite examples that were immoral, unethical, self-centric, materialistic, in-human.

But the extensivity  at which USSR performed their global operations was and will be one of its kind. The agents were so much aware about the political geographical ecological factors of a nation that they can manipulate it on their fingertips. They were aware about the likes and dislikes of most celebrated political leaders. They had friendly relations with media. Do you really want to understand what is the meaning of strategy read this book. Literally they left no stones unturned when it came to impose socilistic idealogy.











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