Book Review : ATOMIC HABITS, An Easy & Proven Way To Build Good Habit & Break Bad Ones

May 08, 2021

              NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 2018



Genre Non Fiction

Author James Clear

Pages 256

Year Of Publish 2018


James Clear is creator of writing since 2012 he is the author of Atomic Habit which is sold greater than 4 million copies worldwide he is New York Times bestseller and his website published over 250 articles, more than 1 lac email subscriber and above 10 million visitors per year at his website. 

Apart from his book and website he deliver 1-2 speeches per month on continuous improvement and habit change he is having big names as clients like Cisco, General Electric , Honda, Intel , LinkedIn many more.

James belong to Hamilton, Ohio , United States he was a weightlifter and former athlete. in college he was an ESPN Academic All American as baseball pitcher , best deadlift , best squat, best bench and best clean  

He is also associated with Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) he donates 5% of his  yearly income to charity.


Summary Of Atomic Habits

A large portion of your daily actions are driven by your atomic habits
Habits that have formed through repetition over the course of your entire life and naturally there are healthy and productive habits that serve you and negative ones that work against you.
This is what Atomic Habit is all about showing you how small adjustments can lead to massive transformation in your life if you make tiny 1% improvements to something on daily basis, in this course of the just one year you end up being 37 times better now that's huge imagine 37 times better health or 37 times better finances or relationships.
Before we get to how successfully form new habits lets look about your understanding of what success means in the most common case success is driven by the outcome the main problem with goal driven behavior is that it tends to ignore the process of getting there and just concentrates on getting the final outcome like concentrating on winning a marathon, for example instead of the system and the habits of becoming better runner you inevitably put yourself at a disadvantage after all both winners and losers have similar definite objectives everybody needs to win the long distance race those could prove to be the best however are the ones who have been focusing on the constant upgrades of their running habits not just winning the single marathon.

As the author puts it you do not rise the level of your goal you fall to the level of your systems 

There are generally four stages of Habit Forming 

  1. Cue
  2. Craving
  3. Response 
  4. Reward
It goes like this you work on something and inevitably get bored the feeling of boredom is your cue you feel the need to entertain yourself which is your are craving and you pull out your mobile phone and open social media or your email is your response towards that behavior and reward you get after watching feed updates or reading notification 
Many people repeat this enough times and find distracting with your phone not lets see how habit loops works 

Four Laws of behaviors change 

As authors highlighted there are four laws of behaviors changes for bot developing good habit and quitting bad habits  

For Developing Good Habits 

  1. Make it obvious
  2. Make it attractive 
  3. Make it easy
  4. Make it satisfying

For Quitting Bad Habits  

  1. Make it Invisible 
  2. Make it unattractive
  3. Make it difficult
  4. Make it unsatisfying
Once you go through the book you will learn so many new things which is scientifically proven that these things actually work 

A phenomenal book with lot of information now how to get it for yourself is to figure out your current habits keep habit scorecard because if you are not aware about your habits whether they are productive ones or unproductive ones there is no way to change them and the things about habits they are automatic that's the whole point its automatic its subconscious so you can bring your awareness all the way out so you can figure out what the habits are before you can change them, eliminate them, improve on them , whatever the case is in your situation so habit scorecard as you go through your day whether its personal or life or at work keep track of two things one the cues and two is rewards.

As a reminder cue can be something like a smell or a conversation or a location its something that trigger your brain to look certain type of reward may be every single time you open fridge you look for cookies or every single time you feel bored your start using your mobile phone and after getting that you satisfy yourself with reward.



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