Book Review: The 7 Habits of Highly effective people

May 31, 2021


ख़ुदी को कर  बुलंद इतना कि हर तक़दीर से पहले

ख़ुदा बंदे से ख़ुद पूछे बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है



Being desi we are very familiar to this lines of Allama Iqbal, we have heard this from our parents, grandparents, teachers, motivational speakers and of course from “Raaj Kumar” in movie “Bulandi’. But, why I am talking about all this while reviewing “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”?


GENRE  Self Help

AUTHOR Dr. Stephen Covey

PAGES   432



Yes! You got this right, book talks about achieving success like all others book but in its own way. It asks to follow some habits which makes you highly effective in whatever you do. This book is work of famous author Dr. Stephen Covey, this book touched lives of millions of people. 

Other than usual motivational and success recipe literature who talks about personality ethics, it talks about character ethics. Book showcases inside-out approach, talks about building a strong character which will drive a person towards success.

Now, jumping to the books and what are this habits which one can adapt to be successful. We will be checking them out one by one:


Habit 1

Be proactive

We all heard about circle of concern and circle of influence. Circle of concern consists of those things which are out of your control like politics, death and ageing etc. Circle of influence include those this which are under your control like your own skills, attitude and hard work etc. You can be reactive or proactive in life ,it’s about choices you make. Reactive people keeps complaining about problems, whereas proactive people take actions to solve problems. They evaluate situation and come up with possible action plan as per their capacity. Instead of complaining they take ownership and fight for results.


Habit 2 

Begin with the end in mind


This habit is about deciding goal of life, what you actually want to achieve. It says first think about what you want in your mind, make a clear picture of it and then create it in outside world. Don’t wander aimlessly make your goals clear, plan for next 5 to 10 years, plan and keep acting for those goals and sub goals to achieve what you want in life. Work for your passion and create a map showing path to it. It would be better if set great goals not just like earning lots of money. Write script of your own life that’s what it says.


Habit 3 

Put first thing first


After creating picture of what you want clear in your mind now it comes on how to do it. Its talk about managing things timely, doing important things first in to do list. It says your success depends more on how you manage your time. We use to waste our time on things which are not going to help us be fruitful. Time should be used wisely is whole point. Author suggest dividing things in four quadrants of urgent and non-urgent, important and non-important. People working in management profile are very much familiar with this technique.


Habit 4 

Think win win


In the long run, if it isn't a win for both of us, we both lose. That's why win-win is the only real alternative in interdependent realities.” First 3 habits makes you independent but fourth one talks about being interdependent. Just win or lose happens to one, here authors talk about team or collaborating with some others to create win-win situation for both. Win-win relationship is considered best where people work together for mutual goals and that’s make journey to success easier everyone. In this nobody loses everyone is working to each other a winner.


Habit 5 

Seek first to understand, then too be understood


The whole idea of this habit is to understand someone you have to listen them first, sounds like thing of common sense. But as Voltaire said common sense is not so common, we miss this small thing and end up messing up with our relationships and profession. We see world from own perception and while doing that we often neglect others idea. We need to be more an empathic listener to understand someone. People always listen with intent to reply not to understand. This is about being good listener which will help not only with relationship but also in professional arena.


Habit 6




From habit 4 to 6 makes you interdependent and tells how you can achieve goals working together. Instead of opposing others perspective and ideas, other way could be taking all of them on table and working together. Author asks to show synergy and work in a team first we learned about working for mutual goals, then understanding people and now working with them synergistic-ally. We need to celebrate different opinions in short.


Habit 7

Sharpen the saw

A person use to waste 6 hours cutting a tree with poor saw, but he can cut tree in just 3 hours if he spend just 1 hour to sharpen the saw. But he keeps cutting tree without sharpening saw and says he doesn’t have time sharpen the saw. This is what we all do, we are trying to achieve our goals without evolving ourselves. There is need of upgrading skill set, knowledge, culture according to time and competition. There is need of continual improvement in all four quads Physical, Spiritual, Cognitive and Social. This habit will keep you fresh and will help in handling other six habits.



This book focus on this habits and ask to make them part of your lives. Focus should be on building strong character, you need not to work on personality that will emerge on its own if you will possess a strong character. This is not simply a motivational book but a tool penned by the author for better life.Several management gurus and consultants recommend this book, even I got recommended in a managerial training.  

Trainer advised us to read this book because it is a recipe of being good leader. Book was worth reading and matter is very practical to be implemented in real life. 

So, adapt this highly effective habits to get enlisted into list of highly effective people. 















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