Why Kindle is good for reading

March 24, 2021

            Product Review: Amazon Kindle Paper White 10



Just like you                                                                                 

I consider myself from old school. Always choosing tangible things over a virtual one. Be it playing, learning, entertainment, or any walks of life. 

The day I started reading, I was quite clear on how to read - physical copy, of course, the obvious choice.  An avid reader cannot deny the incomparable fragrance of fresh pages, holding it, adjusting your body to find the best position for the next five minutes. Creating fancy bookmarks that metaphorically match your personality. You wish someone will decode it. 

If you are a reader, then I may have transferred a gentle smile to you. 


It is not just the magical plot of the book that binds us but the cover plays a vital part. I have seen people who buy books just because they like its covers. As the going says " a picture speaks a thousand words". We dream of a study room made from books.


Why I purchased kindle                                                                                   

So, why do we choose E-readers? My answer - "Necessity". In spite of all the mystical experiences, there are concealed factors only an avid reader can relate.

Simple math - I read two-three books per month which is around 25 books a year. I am reading at this rate for the last 3 years.  Don't want to pile up when I am not settled. Technically, inventory carrying cost starts rising. The exchange of books makes sense but not practical as readers are now a rare species. 

It hurts when the sides of the book start ripping. I want my book to live forever!! don't you? 

Thirdly, the privacy. Readers prefer to be left alone. But the cover draws insane attention. The self-celebrated experts share their knowledge even without asking. 

Do you know how much memory I need to keep me entrained for a month? - 12 Mb. Hahaha, the average size of a book in kindle is 4 Mb. And I have 8 GB to load. The battery lasts for months.  


From heart..                                                                                   

E-reader's tangible advantage is gaining acceptance in the reader's community. I don't want to read from Kindle, but I have to. I have no complaints, perhaps will never have. Kindle has the conformance to specification.  Maybe one day everything around us will be like this - efficient but soulless. Cannot completely accept or deny it.

Coming back to where I started, I am from the old school. I prefer tangible things. And I do want to build a room made from books. Till then, kindle is serving my purpose.


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  1. No matter how you read but things is very true that one has culcate the habit of reading. In this digital era you prefer and choosed a digital device instead of huge piling of books on a rack. You always keeps all the books in your pocket and refers it whenever you need. But olden age book wormers were very keen to invest in good books. Nevertheless You are satisfied as long as your purpose is solved. Bravo Mr keep on your interest twinkle in your depth so as to gain maximum knowledge.


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