How to write a book review

January 01, 2021


It's not about only books, but everything requires reviews in order to check its conformance. Be it the reviews on Amazon, reviews of a movie, review of a travel destination. Reviews are always welcomed and critically read. So, review always play a crucial role from the perspective of a supplier and end-user. 

I've been reading and reviewing books for a couple of years. Often I come across people asking on the internet how to write book reviews or what is book reviews. So here is my response to those queries. 

 What is a book review? 

There are so many ways by which you can depict what is a book review. One of my favorite ways is to imagine some process. Consider yourself flying over a region. During the flight, you can get a rough idea of the terrain. Book reviews are just like that. And it helps you to figure out whether this book is worth your time? It does not mean to know the whole plot but a glimpse of it. 

Individual experiences are always appreciated. As a reader, you always get inside the shoe of a reader who is sharing his experience of the book which gives the future readers a better perspective. 

How to write a book review? 

I've been following a customized format that is quite successful for my blog. Before delivering anything I ask myself this question that what kind of output do I  expect in order to make sure that all my requirements are fulfilled. 

My book reviews include the following things:

  • The genre of the book 
  • Author 
  • Pages 
  • Real publish 
  • Related books 
  • Other works of the author 
  • About the author - includes a small biography of the author 
  • Summary of the book - like a precis writing that can give out the Crux of the content 

My review- as a reader what was my experience. Here I make sure that I pinpoint the smallest detail. Like the tone of the author's, vocabulary, clarity & structure. My personal experience like delights struggles in reading  & my learning. 

 I  believe that book reviews can provide an unaddressed link between the author and the readers. As the author doesn't know how to reach the readers and the readers don't know any but kind of book they would like to read. As JK Rowling- author of Harry Potter said-

 if you don't like to read it is because you haven't found the right book.

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