September 15, 2020




  • Author: Kirti Changlani

  • Page Length: 154 pages

  • Language: English

  • Genre: Young-Adult/ Contemporary


About the Author

Kirti Changlani is a 19-year-old writer from the city of dreams ─ Mumbai. Being a rebellious teenager in nature, she has been writing since early teenage. Her first book 'A Life, Less Ordinary' has been awarded the title of: "Top 100 debut novels of India 2019" by Literatures Light after receiving rave reviews; and is loved by readers all over India. She defines herself as a non-conformist and a dreamer. Human psychology is her favorite topic and that reflects in her stories and poems. She is a voracious reader and a contributing author of several anthologies/ magazines. She also loves creating digital content, blogging, and content writing. Poetry and nature are her favorite escape from reality. Despite being a simple and slightly introverted girl ─ she chases her dreams just like any other human would! And hopes someday her life-story will inspire a million girls that they can break through the shell of a small-town with passion and determination. Just the way she could ─ only with a Pen.

You can connect with her on: -
Instagram & Twitter: @kirtichanglani
Facebook Page: KirtiChanglaniAuthor
Youtube: Kirti Changlani 


Book Review

Moving out & living in a strange city is the experience we all go through once in our life.
This book knows the essence of it very well.

Remembering our family, feeling aloof in the commotion of the city. Feeling the most comfortable company is our own.


We all can relate to all these at one point in time.

Dhiraj, Niharika & Hritik hiding their stories in their packs their bag and had a trip to Asia's Smallest Hill Station ⛰ is all they needed in this mundane life.


I must say what an illustration of the hill station!! 👌 

I felt immediately make a plan with my friends to go there


Check out what Dhiraj's Niharika's Hritik's belongings were and were their search complete?🤔

Words from the book

Niharika asks Dhiraj "Does anything bring you peace?" and the perfect answer which I read was "A Cold-coffee therapy for sure"

Sometimes traveling is all about unloading that emotional baggage: the ones which are unspoken of.

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