May 08, 2020

I thought I knew what fear was until I heard the words -"You have cancer"                                                                                                                                                          Lance Armstrong


GENRE Autobiography, Self Help

AUTHOR Lance Armstrong




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TOUR DE FRACE Heard about it? Let me further fuel up your knowledge. 

  • It starts in Brussels and ends in Paris, covering 3500 kilometers.

  • The Tour de France gathers over 12 million spectators who line the route. It makes it the largest sporting event to be watched live.

  • The average cyclist burns between 4,000 and 5,000 calories during each stage of the race. 

  • The winner of the 21-stage Tour de France receives a hefty purse of approximately $562,556


The next word comes after the Tour de France is Lance Armstrong. A worldly known figure during and after his career. Seven titles from 1999-2005- later stripped away after found guilty in doping in 2012. 

IT IS NOT ABOUT THE BIKE is literally not about his cycling, fitness, nutrition, or anything related to the profession. Lance Armstrong may no longer be a role model in the cycling community but his cancer journey illustrates what is possible when a cancer patient latches on to true hope. The book isn't talking about passive hope where cancer patient undergoes treatment and then hopes it works while they endure sometimes deliberating side effects. That's a false hope. It is focussing on active hope, where cancer patient takes charge of their healing and actively works to affect the outcome. That is true hope.

When Lance was 25, he was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer. It metastasized his brain, lungs, and abdomen. But his survival is not just about being determined to live and follow doctor's medications. Lance displayed a very strong desire to live and deep within himself, he believed he has a very good chance of survival. Lance has to face all the fear and uncertainties that come with the cancer journey but he also took charge of his healing.

Read the book to experience what true hope looks like when battling cancer. Understand that hope requires action. He did his own cancer research. He was willing to make lifestyle changes. He used nutrition to support his healing, visualized what he wanted to happen and he kept his body moving among other things.

Its not about the bike will show you what action looks like when battling cancer. That is a great reason to pick up this copy and give a read.




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  1. Will power can create wonders in this world !! Tough time doesn’t last, however tough people do.


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