November 05, 2019



GENRE: Non-Fiction- Self Help
AUTHOR: Mark Manson
PAGES: 227
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Summary of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

What are the subtle things in leading a happy and satisfactory life? What are the short and long term techniques? Will it be relevant to today's lifestyle? Will I be able to connect with my conditions? Yes, it will answer all these questions. 
The book takes a completely opposite approach (from conventional self-helping books) to life. It argues- "the desire for more positive experiences is itself a negative experience and paradoxically the acceptance of one's negative experience is itself a positive experience. The more you pursue feeling better, the less satisfied you become as pursuing something only reinforces that something is lacking in you, leading to distress".  
Taking examples from medicine practice Mark says, a student joining these curricula only looks to the bright side of becoming a physician and not the long days and night of studying and practicing. That is why they quit. The same logic applies to the relationship as well. People watch its beautiful side when partners sharing their emotional bond and want to be like them. But not everyone is committed in dealing with the confusions, tough conversations, silences, hurt feelings, etc.

Going back to the toxic nature of self-help culture, the truth is that we are not exceptional.  Feeling good about yourself without any reason will do more harm than good. As the struggles of life are inevitable, the approach should not be to reduce the suffering but to choose the right suffering. Why I am suffering - for what purpose?
Dealing with uninvited problems causing trouble Manson says, taking responsibility for everything in life gives you the ownership which changes your approach to solving those problems leading to satisfaction and happiness. Another interesting concept is related to the perception of certainty. Rather than always thinking whether I am right or wrong, think where I am wrong or less wrong. Search for doubt than certainty. Being wrong opens up the possibility of change and brings opportunities for growth.

Review of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

I chose this book because of its tile, looks savage. Secondly, it is quite a hit in the nonreader's circle. Enough to draw my attention. Taking about my experience, I liked its niche approach. It is altogether in the opposite lane of the rest of self-help books. FYI- The F*** word in the book means "worry". The spheres of life covered are satisfactory and readers will find themselves connected to the contents. Language is straight forward and advisory. At times, I felt things getting repeated as the same concepts were flashing with different examples. The overall approach seemed similar to military drills where hardships eventually lead to positivity and fulfillment in life.
It is a good read, though on a familiar topic but with a different perspective. Readers supporting this theory or not will definitely find something valuable.

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