Book review: THE THIRD WAVE

January 18, 2019



GENRE: Guide, Social Economics 

AUTHOR: Allen Toffler

PAGES:  285


FOLLOWED BY: Power Shift  

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The Third Way is the sequel of Future Shock followed by Power Shift, completing the trilogy. The book represents a historical background of the past two human civilizations ie agrarian and industrial. It surrounds with factors such as social, culture, science, business, and so on, that got evolved during this transition.

The First Wave economy, started around 8000 BC, was agriculture-based. Book talked about places like India, Babylon, Greece that dominated this era. Key features include family, culture, warriors, inventions, source of power, trade-economic life & communication. The first wave survived until the end of the 16th century.

After that, there was the beginning of the second-wave "Industrial Revolution" when the machine replaced muscle. It took three hundred years to reach maturity. The concept of mass production let to a change in economic lifestyle such as the education system, to produce required job profile & managerial concepts like standardization, synchronization, specialization. The concentration of money & energy. To be sure, bureaucracy and the hierarchy of power of the second wave made possible many impossible things. There was a behavioral change in us like time obsession, an atomized view, and of society.

The Third Wave is the Information Age, it started some four decades back. Just like manufacturing came out of agriculture, the information era came up from manufacturing. Now humans will shift towards new industries like Microbiology, Oceanic ecology, AI & Space With this, we will again restructure our education system, research & communication methods becoming more specific rather than mass.


After reading FUTURE SHOCK, I was thrilled to read what else is there to amaze me. As it is said for writers- their first work is the best work. It felt the THIRD WAVE is just the segregation of his previous concepts into three phases.  Things were now much more detailed, which I wanted when reading future shock, but most of the time it was repetition. I can imagine what POWER SHIFT will be, so not looking for investing time reading it. To my readers, I will recommend going for the first work of Allen Toffler.




  1. Hahah.. the review suggests that we should skip the second part of the series and possible go to the third directly. Kindly review the third one also so that we know how the three works connect. That the author took 10 yrs to write the second part makes us assume that there is a very good reason to read his works in series, even if a part does not make as forceful an impact as expected.

  2. One can understand by reading this book ie historical background of past civilization. Reason behind so all great men of present era suggest that world was filled by India. In the period of YUGA like TRETA & SATYUG filled by human beings only and that too by Hindustani. Bailon may be sharer.
    However this book concept displays in many part of wave . Ideology of book reader can understand the SULTANAT and their state of arts & civilization.
    Mr Ujjwal 's suggestion to skip all two waves and jump in to third directly is what presently people is doing. Fine review boy.


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