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GENRE    Biography                                          

AUTHOR  Brad Stone

PAGES       384


"People have so voracious appetite for change that today Waao become tomorrow's ordinary !!!"


Internet and digitization is the fourth Industrial revolution following pre-mechanical establishments, post world war advancements & the development of electronics. The revolution disruptively changed our conventional living standards. It gave us the current technological giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and so on. Amazon is also a player in the same race. 
Jeff Bezos, from the very beginning, remained a very strong believer of the internet. Quitting his lucrative job in Wall Street as Vice President, Bezos placed his bet on the internet in the mid-90s.


Book Review of Everything Store Jeff Bezos & Age Of Amazon

Everything Store was the vision Bezos looked for Amazon. A superstore of everything for everyone. The book begins with giving a pinch of Jeffs's personality and initial years of amazon. The journey begins by selling books online. The reader can sense Jeff's particularity in the customer focus approach. Here you will find how amazon remained competitive against eBay and Barnes and Nobel. And most important, how the company survived the Dotcom crash. The whole content of the book is written in story mode, you have to be critical with your reading to find the depth of strategy used at different stages. 
 Jeff is a tough guy to be with. His expectation from the staff was so high, that in early 2000 amazon was witnessing mass exudes. The company survived acute losses for years, but his belief in the internet was so flamboyant, that investors were ready to support him. 
Story progress with an increasing product portfolio to music, movies, toys. Introducing innovation in supply chain and  warehouse  management
During my read, I felt, "Is amazon such a charmed company to surpass all odds that generally make an enterprise collapse?" Then you will notice its volume of failures. Like every self-made man be it Elon, Jobs, Warren, or Jeff, the amount of setbacks is so high that it overtakes most people's total attempts in life. There is a lot of prime characters in the story of amazon. 
Everything store is so written like you can picture events going on, just that it's not fiction. The rest story is an in-depth explanation of reaching Jeff's vision of everything store. The only thing I noticed remain static was his hunger for expansion in twenty-four years of company history. 
In the end, the book discusses "Blue Origin" progress and Jeffs's views on the future of private space exploration. And finally his collection of books what according to him helped during his journey.




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  1. Good review. The biography of business wizards that created the big brands of today be it Apple, Google or Walmart have one thing in common.. zero tolerance on quality, and an unwavering focus on customer needs and expectations. Their use of technology is also directed solely on the customer. Clearly, Amazon even with its big, almost seemingly unmanageable world of products and services has used technology to better focus on customer needs than its competitors, and has hence trumped the competition. Its phenomenal rise in India within a decade of its presence shows that focus. And Jeff Bezoz's leadership is clearly instrumental in that.. a must read for anybody who wants to know how brands are created and sustained..

    1. is always great to have your perspective

  2. Jeff's decision on future perspective about internet was pre alarming. Reasons behind he left a lucrative job of wall Street as VP. After repeated struggle only he established Amazon e commercial market and directly with customer. Your review is perfectly alright. One must read this book. Leadership quality can be grasped from this book.

  3. An inspirational journey portraited by Jeff Bezoz


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