September 07, 2018

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"If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs."Dhirubhai Ambani

Author              Shobha Bondre

Genre                Biographies, Guide

Pages                356

Year of Publish 2013

  • Gujarat contributes fifty percent of the Indian billionaire list. One of the most prospered and dynamic states that adds heft to the country's economy. Dhanda means business, but there is no other community that fully comprehends this word. Shobha Bondrey's work is one such testament.
  • The author conferred about stories of a few Gujarati:  Bhimbhaiji Patel- one of countries biggest diamond merchants, founder of "Diamond Nagar", MohanBhai Patel- manufacturer of the country's first aluminum collapsible tube, Harsha Shah and Sahu Shah- the owner of hundreds of hotels in the US.  
  • "Dhanda", showcases the hard work, ambition, and the inherited sense of Gujarati to understand, improve, and create a business. Hu mōṭu karavā māṅgu chu ( I want to do big), these things are not taught to them. Unlike the rest, Gujarati will be happy to set up his small enterprise than to work in MNCs. Confidence overpowers their fear of failure. 
  • Bhimbhaiji Patel at the age of eight realized how he can read a newspaper at a lesser price by buying them from those people who already read by evening. Afterward, selling them as a bundle of scrap.
  • These stories are not fabled creativity. The essence of this book is to recognize the differentiating factor, mettle that distinguishes Gujarati from rest.
  • Dhanda describes how their business grows, how their families tirelessly support, the unforeseen events, the hardship they sail in, the count of failure which can be valued much more than their success. But the best of all is the amazing attitude for success and persistence these people show. 





  1. Should be a great read.
    For many reasons, Gujarat has been a model state for India. Despite not veey rich in natural and mineral resources, the state has created a benchmark for prosperity and standard of living. Gujarat also has been, by and large, free from violence, militancy and agitations that are prevalent in some other states. The enterprising disposition of its residents, as explained in this book, is the clear reason for it.

  2. intresting to know about gujrati


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