July 28, 2018




"Slowly, ideas lead to ideology, lead to policies that lead to action."

GENERAL- Journal

AUTHOR- Nandan Nilekani

PAGES- 568 


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Nandan Nilekani is the co-founder of Infosys, an active bureaucrat and prime contributor of ADHAR CARD.The book generalized India post-independence, its personality and the behavior of different regions. Most of the discussion is on ideas in progress like better schools, better cities, and roads. Ideas in controversy like economic and labor reforms. Interesting contexts include a contradiction that India went through like dealing English, fear of technology, and how Indians overcome. Nilekani explained the birth of IT and how it progressed to reached the pinnacle of the money-making machine.

It is a singular thinking and concept to write down a book. The author himself has done a deep reasoning, research and introspection on every topic. along side his personal observation there also are analysis of experts also.



The book shows an altogether a special facet of the Nandan Nilekani as an author which has nothing to try  to together with his entrepreneurial skills. In fact, together with his writing skills and his awareness about various issues in India has been jotted down within the book, very adeptly and wonderfully much to the delight of the reader. 

So what's the book all about. It's about the ideas which are embraced by India. Ideas which are ongoing in India and concepts which has arrived in India but are in nascent stage. 

On this basis the book is split into four parts.

  • Ideas That Arrived, 
  • Ideas ongoing , 
  • Ideas in Battle,
  • Ideas to Anticipate.


Part 1 

Discusses about the ideas which faced severe resistance among the Indian before becoming the integral a part of our life. Like birth control,entrepreneurship, globalization, english language and democracy, technology and computers. Indians have rejected these new ideas breeding in India only to simply accept them with open hands and minds afterward.Such a lot so today we can’t think our life without computers and our sons and daughters speaks fluent English. 

Part 2 

Ideas which made their way into India but decade after decade these ideas haven't taken the specified shape. Like basic education to all or any , well developed cities, infrastructure, simplified legal system etc. Every government works on these ideas but never manage to implement them properly which is hindering the expansion of India. Issues like economic reform, labour reforms and better education are corrupted by the private interest of political parties and business houses. There's a mode of stagnation in these areas which is pulling our country back. 


The book has all the fabric to stimulate the thought provoking process of the reader. It's a fat book and might take sometime to read. There's no point in gulping the book sort of a fruit crush instead should be drunk as a wine. A little sip at a time enjoying the taste. Imagining India should be read therein way. 

It's a pearl of knowledge to understand India as a growing superpower. I believe the big players like TATAS, Ambanis, Bhargava, Birlas, Kirloskars perceive India in a completely different perspective. Politicians are the ones who understand this country better than anyone else. 

This work is one such approach.






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