Book review: 48 LAWS OF POWER

July 31, 2018

                National Bestseller 1998




Author- Robert Green

Genre- Self Help, Guide

Pages- 452

Year of Publish- 1998

Keep your friends for friendship, but work with the skilled and competent



Robert Green's 48 Laws of Power is an empirical guide for anyone who wants power, arm against power, or observes power. Each law has a separate chapter directed towards a strategic approach to direct one towards attaining the position of authority. 
Every chapter delivers independent ideas such as concealing real intentions, controlling superior authority, protecting dignity with life, making people dependent on you. The system should be  architected  such that always people will come to you for suggestions. Avoiding unhappy and unlucky people as they will drain your energy. 

Another vital source includes when seeking help, it should apple to their self-interest and not on their mercy or gratitude. When encountering competition, crush your enemy totally to set an example & should study whom you are dealing with to avoid unnecessary conflicts. 
The book also focuses on courtesy. The perfect courier thrives in a world where everything revolves around power and politics dexterity. A trained person has mastered the art of indirection, he flatters, yields to superiors, and assert power in a most graceful manner. 
Making accomplishments effortless and making bold moves. Calmness is discussed as absolute fashion. Anger and emotion are strategically counterproductive & apply these to your enemy, making them off balance. Other teachings revolve around self-improvement, surrounding and constraints overcoming.


Readers will swim in the flow of ideas. It is so niche, that every chapter will be a new discovery for you The work is practical oriented, one may find many approaches going against morality. But still, you will get convinced since it actually makes sense. 
Despite ruthless writing style, the book is a very useful resource for those who are want to learn more about power and how to acquire it. 
Better to call this book is as tool for awareness who likes to rule, because if you will not, someone else will surely do. 




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  1. Nice and crisp recommendation. How I missed such an important work. Ordering right away.


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